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Benefits of Freeze-Dried Bone Broth

Freeze-drying Is A Superior Preservation Method

Most bone broths currently sold are refrigerated or frozen. Refrigerated and frozen broths have a limited shelf life usually a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Freeze-drying removes almost all the water (98-99%) in bone broths and, as a result, it preserves food longer with a shelf life of up to 25 years at optimal temperature. There is no need for preservatives or additives to maintain freshness. 

Freeze-drying Preserves Flavor, Color and Nutritional Value 

Since freeze-drying processes food in very little heat, freeze-drying doesn’t change the texture, flavor or color of bone broth over time. Once rehydrated, the bone broth will look and taste like it did before preserving. In addition, freeze-drying maintains most of its nutrients throughout the process. According to a UC Davis study, freeze-drying retains 97% of nutrition as opposed to dehydrated foods which only retains about 50-60% of original nutrients.

Freeze-drying makes broth shelf stable and lightweight – just add water and you’ll get bone broth, anywhere! 

By eliminating almost all the water in food through freeze-drying, our broth becomes shelf stable and easy to transport. Bone broth does not need to be kept refrigerated or stored in bulky containers. Our lightweight single serving packages are perfect for people who want nutrition on the go. Just add water and you’ll get bone broth anywhere. It rehydrates instantly!